The priceless exhibition will be on display until January. The artworks on display come from the private collection of a doctor from Oradea and his son.

“The art of Transylvania between the two world wars” – this is the title of a temporary exhibition that opened  at the Déri Museum.

The exhibits come from the private collection of József Böhm, who also gave a subjective guided tour at the end of the opening. The selection on show at the Déri Museum is from his own collection and that of his father, also a doctor.

The entire collection comprises around 250 works of art, of which a selection is now on display at the museum.

The paintings include portraits, life portraits and landscapes. The deputy mayor István Puskás attended the opening and said that the works of Transylvanian artists also enrich Hungarian culture.

Although Transylvania was separated from Hungary by the storms of history, achievements have been made there – not only in literature and theatre but also in the fine arts – which are an integral part of the culture of the Hungarian nation, the deputy mayor said.

Source: dehir.hu | Déri Museum – Photo credit: Facebook (Papp László)

Author: Debrecen4U