The University of Debrecen’s new Paediatric Emergency  Centre was inaugurated. The more than 2200 square metre medical complex is equipped with the latest technology. From the second half of the year, a 33-bed ward will provide treatment for children. The investment cost more than 3.5 billion forints.

“A long-awaited development has been completed at the Clinical Centre of the University of Debrecen. The new PaediatricPaediatric Emergency Centre has been inaugurated, which, in addition to Debrecen, will ensure an even higher level of health care for children living in the region. Its operation is guaranteed by the government,” Minister of State for Health Péter Takács said  at the opening ceremony. “As the health of our children is the most important for all of us, we are very happy that as a regional centre as the highest progressiveness level 3 facility, such a development could be established here within the university. I believe that this will serve the better health not only of the city and the county, but also of the children of the surrounding counties and thus of the whole region,” Péter Takács said.

The new building of more than 2,200 square metres will house two operating theatres, two examination and preparation rooms and 33 in-patient beds. In addition to state-of-the-art instruments, the work of specialists and healthcare workers is supported by a complex imaging diagnostic unit. Mayor László Pappalso praised the new health care development, “I could also say that every single doctor and nurse working here will look after the children like a guardian angel, and I am very confident that this is a great step forward in the life of the city and the region in order to protect and preserve the life and health of our children,” we heard László Papp.

“The ground floor is where patients are assessed and classic emergency care is provided. On the first floor is the operating theatre, the surgical department and the traumatology department. According to the President of the Clinical Centre, this building will provide the best possible care for children. We are planning to treat at least 50,000 children a year with various acute problems,” Zoltán Szabó said.

Chancellor Zoltán Bács, in response to a journalist’s question, said that even more serious efforts than usual were needed in order to realise the facility in a form corresponding to the original intention. “I am delighted that the Children’s Emergency Centre was able to make it to the inauguration ceremony. It is a special pleasure and pride to be able to lead a unit within the University of Debrecen, whose employees achieve what others consider impossible.In the course of the investment, a number of challenges had to be answered, so that the original dream could be realised, within the national complex paediatric emergency and trauma project, only in Debrecen without compromises and reductions. To do this, the university took serious risks, carried out work that seemed impossible at first and also sacrificed its own financial resources, and the contractor had 12 months to build this world-class facility. Thanks to everyone,” Zoltán Bács said.

The investment cost more than HUF 3.5 billion. The largest part of this was covered by grant money and the University of Debrecen’s own resources. The new Emergency Centre will be open to patients from the second half of the year.


Author: Debrecen4U