Another section of the Main Road 33 has been completed, allowing vehicles to travel on 2×2 lanes from Debrecen to Látókép, it was announced at the opening ceremony of the road section on Thursday.

Deputy State Secretary for Road Construction at the Ministry of Construction and Transport József Pántya recalled that a two-kilometre section of the M35 motorway connecting the North-Western Industrial Zone of Debrecen with the North-Western Industrial Zone of Debrecen was opened in November, and now another more than 2 kilometres section has been completed with a gross investment of HUF 4.2 billion, financed from domestic sources.

“The new section of road will connect the connecting road 3316 with the industrial park area with 2×2 lanes for 2011 metres. In addition, a new roundabout junction has been built and the Balmazújváros junction has been improved,” he listed.

“33,500 cubic metres of earth were moved, 6,400 cubic metres of concrete and 7,200 cubic metres of asphalt were built. The development also included the construction of dynamic public lighting in the spirit of energy saving,” the Deputy State Secretary pointed out.

“The renovated section of Main Road  33 carries a significant amount of road traffic, so the capacity expansion enables the distribution of traffic and ensures quick and safe access to the North-West Economic Zone in Debrecen, which is currently under construction and is also home to the BMW Group Factory Debrecen,” he added.

“The accessibility of the economic zone will also be helped by the planned further developments of Main Road 33,”  the Deputy State Secretary said. He highlighted among these the reconstruction of the busy intersection of Csigekert utca – Szabó Lőrinc utca – Füredi út – Balmazújvárosi út.

He added that the planned development would facilitate the traffic of  Ma Road. 33 is also the preparation of a study plan aimed at the development of the intersection of Main Roads  33 and 35 (Füredi út – Böszörményi út junction).

József Pántya said that, thanks to the government’s decisions, the development of several additional urban junctions is expected, for example, the planning of the four-lane expansion of Main Road 4 between Hajdúszoboszló and Nyíregyháza, the further development of the urban sections of Main Roads  481, 471 and 47, and the also an Eastern bypass, the planning of which began in November 2023.


Author: Debrecen4U