Work on Nagyerdei körút is well underway as part of the large-scale road improvement project,
district’s municipal councillor Tamás Majer said on the 1st of September 2023.

Paving work has started on Nagyerdei körút; this time, the section between Martinovics Street
and Hadházi Road will receive a new layer of asphalt, said Tamás Majer, who added that this
section of the boulevard is undergoing a complete renewal and is long overdue.

Tamás Majer stressed that this section is important not only for the residents of Debrecen, as it
is one of the priority areas of the city, and besides the residents of Debrecen, visitors to the city
also use the Nagyerdő for a large amount of traffic. It is also the location of the sports facilities in
the area, the Nagyerde Cultural Park and the Sziget-kék playground, which were all accessed
by vehicles, and the quality of the pavement was a key issue. “In this phase, 280 metres of
asphalt pavement will be renewed, which will be accompanied by landscaping works,” he said.
The local councillor of the district said it was important to ensure that people could travel in an
environment worthy of the Great Forest, even in rainy weather. The works are expected to last
until the 13th of October 2023 and cost HUF 40 million, which the municipality will finance.
Commenting on this year’s works, Tamás Majer said: “It is a great pleasure to see that several
road sections in the district have been renewed during the spring-summer period.”

The following renovations were carried out on Nagyerdei körút:
● The section of Móricz Zsigmond Road before Auguszta
● Nagyerdei körút (between the entrance to the beach and the entrance to the car park on
Egyetem tér)
● Pallag Road, Phase I (100 metres from Móricz Zsigmond Road, 100 metres from the
crossroads to Pallag and between the car park entrance)
● The section between the pedestrian crossing on Móricz Zsigmond Road before
Auguszta and Pallagi Road, Phase I)
● Nagyerdei körút, Phase II (between Simonyi Road and Martinovics Street)

In the outer areas where there was no solid pavement, overlaying and grading works were
carried out in more than ten streets.

“This is the last large-scale asphalt section in the area this year, but I am confident that we will
be able to renew many more sections of road in the area next year”, Tamás Majer concluded.

Source and photo credit l debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U