The salt room in the kindergarten was set up 20 years ago.

On the initiative of the parents, the proceeds of the fundraising ball have been used to finance the renovation and reopening of the salt room to help prevent upper respiratory diseases. This is also part of the kindergarten’s educational programme. The renovated salt room was inaugurated on the 17th of May, 2023, as part of the kindergarten’s Children’s Day programme.

“We have always attached great importance to healthy lifestyle education. As a preventive measure, the nursery teachers also offer children exercises to improve their feet and posture, and small group activities in the salt room,” Ágnes Zöld  Szaniszlóné, head of the institution, said.

It’s not only the salt room that has been renovated in the Faragó Street kindergarten: the institution’s interior has recently been painted by the municipality. For years, the city’s kindergarten system has been undergoing various upgrades. 

“We have already carried out major, extensive renovations in 18 of our 33 kindergartens, and we have also built a brand new kindergarten,”  Deputy Mayor of Debrecen Lajos Barcsa said.

HUF 750 million has been spent on constructing the new kindergarten and more than HUF 3 billion on renovating the older ones. The municipality’s long-term goal is to renovate all the kindergartens run by the city.

The event was also attended by Sándor Kiss, Member of the Municipality.

Author: Debrecen4U