The square in front of the synagogue on Pásti Street is named. It will bear the name of the former Orthodox Chief Rabbi Vilmos Krausz from the 10th of  May 2024. As part of  Debrecen Jewish Cultural Days, an international conference of local and cross-border communities was held for the 25th time. The central theme this year was the culture of remembrance.

Vilmos Krausz held the office of Chief Rabbi in Debrecen for thirty years. On the 10th of  May 2024, the square named after him was inaugurated in front of the synagogue on Pásti Street. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the city, Jewish organisations and the Chief Rabbi’s relatives and admirers. Meanwhile, a conference was organised as part of the Debrecen Jewish Cultural Days.

At the opening ceremony, Tamás Horovitz, President of the Jewish Community of Debrecen, not only recalled the horrors of the Holocaust 80 years ago, but also emphasised the importance of remembrance and the recent attack on Israel.

“We must remember the past, we must remember our ancestors and we must respect our traditions. In Debrecen, we consider it very important to follow the path of our ancestors, to build on the foundations laid by our ancestors and to maintain our religious life,” Tamás Horovitz emphasised.

At the international conference titled the Holocaust and the Culture of Remembrance in our time, the President of the Mazsihisz (Association of Jewish Communities in Hungary) said that forgetting is not allowed, and forgiveness is not an option.

“However, remembering is not only about preserving the past, but also about educating and sensitising future generations,” Andor Grósz said.

Deputy Mayor of Debrecen István Puskás also pointed out in his welcome speech that commemoration in Debrecen is not only about gestures, but also about real processes that live in the fabric of society. 

“Debrecen must also set an example for the country and the world, but most importantly, this is how this community lives its life here in our city,” István Puskás emphasised.

The international conference was organised by the Jewish Community of Debrecen and the Association of Jewish Communities and Organisations in Central and Eastern Europe for the 25th time.


Author: Debrecen4U