The underground car park construction on Sas Street has reached a milestone.

The four-storey underground car park in the city centre is expected to be completed by autumn 2023, with 207 parking spaces and a gross cost of HUF 4.7 billion.

The underground car park has reached a depth of 11 metres, the deepest point of the construction, according to the contractor HUNÉP Zrt.

According to their information, in the previous weeks, their specialists have completed the reinforced concrete construction related to the first three phases of the foundation slab preparation, and from here, they will build upwards. In the coming days, work will begin on phase 4. Fifty HUNÉP workers are currently working on constructing the underground car park.

A government decision at the end of February 2023 allowed the city to use an additional HUF 871 million from EU funds, so EU funds will entirely cover it, and the municipality will not have to provide hundreds of millions of forints of its resources.

In the future, an office building is planned to be built above the underground car park, also from EU funds.

Source: dehir.hu | Photo credit: Facebook (HUNÉP Zrt.)

Author: Debrecen4U