The Clinic of Urology was founded in 1974, as by that time sufficient specialist staff had been established to create an independent unit, but professional work has been going on in Debrecen for more than a hundred years.

In addition to treating patients, they also focus on research and education. At the 50th anniversary celebration on the 10th of  May 2024, Mayor László Papp said the clinic had accumulated knowledge that deservedly placed it among the leaders not only in the country but also in Europe. 

“Among the common problems are kidney stones and prostate tumours, but nowadays they are able to treat rare diseases as well, they have introduced easier interventions and new surgical techniques,” as  Dr. Tibor Flaskó has already mentioned earlier. The director of the clinic said that in the past decades, all the specialists had tried to treat patients to the best of their abilities.

“What they represented was the most modern then, what we represent now is the most modern now  or so we believe. But it is possible that in ten years’ time, or twenty years’ time, our successors will no longer be saying that about us. My view is that every profession, in every age, must perform at the highest possible level, to the best of its ability,” Dr. Tibor Flaskó emphasised.


Author: Debrecen4U