The working group for the coordination of Debrecen’s development projects, consisting of representatives of the Debrecen city administration and the Ministry of Construction and Transport, reviewed a number of development projects affecting Debrecen at its next meeting. Following the meeting on the 23rd of April 2024, Mayor László Papp and State Secretary for the Social Coordination of Public Investments Péter Ágh presented the details.

Péter Ágh spoke about the task of the working group to prepare and manage the government-supported developments in Debrecen in order to make the city one of the country’s most important economic centres. He added that the developments are viewed from the point of view of how they can help the lives of the citizens of Debrecen. He stated that the people of Debrecen are the first in Debrecen’s industrial development!

The state secretary praised the work of the Debrecen city government, highlighting the development of the city’s infrastructure and investments, in which new steps can be taken together. As part of this, the public procurement procedure for the previously announced five major transport hubs will be completed in the first half of the year, after which construction work can also begin.

Mayor László Papp emphasised that “there has been cooperation between the government and the municipality for many years. In recent years, the focus of this cooperation has been on urban development based on economic development, as this ensures the well-being, security and a predictable future for the citizens of the city. Accordingly, today’s meeting of the working group reviewed the investments that affect the economic development of Debrecen”. He pointed out  that these are mainly investments in transport and water infrastructure, for which the funds are available, and that further grant contracts are expected to ensure the full achievement of the targets planned for 2024.

The Mayor underlined that economic development in the city must go hand in hand with serving the citizens’ needs. In this sense, today’s meeting gave priority to transport improvements that the people of Debrecen are eagerly awaiting. These include the development of five major interchanges that play an important role in the city’s transport system. Of these, the intersection of Csigekert utca  – Szabó Lőrinc utca – Füredi út is approaching the end of the public procurement procedure. This will be followed by the start of the construction work, which the Municipality has requested should preferably start during the summer school holidays, in order to minimise disruption to the city’s transport system. 

László Papp is also optimistic that the construction of the other four intersections (Vezér út – Domokos Lajos utca – Main Road 354, Árpád tér – Rakovszky utca – Ótemető utca, Vámospércsi út – Hétvezér utca – Budai Nagy Antal utca, Szoboszlói út – Külsővásártér) will start in the second half of the year.  


Author: Debrecen4U