The Hortobágy Equestrian Days will occur between the 14th and 16th of July. 

This will be the 55th such event, with the participation of the 50-year-old Hortobágy National Park. Debrecen is participating in organising the country’s largest equestrian event for the fifth time.

Stamina, concentration, the perfect harmony of man and horse working together – that’s the “pusztaötös”,  the attraction of the jockeys when they drive 5 horses simultaneously. At the 55th Hortobágy Equestrian Days, visitors will be able to see more pusztaötös than ever before.

From the 14th and 16th of July, there will again be a children’s riding village, which will be filled with exciting and nature-oriented activities organised by the 50-year-old Hortobágy National Park. Visitors to Mátai Major will also be able to see the foals and costumes of Debrecen. 

For centuries Debrecen played a decisive role in the Hortobágy, and the stud farm was founded here. In the 21st century, the link has been revived.

“The whole family can get together. We will bring games and activities for families where parents can have fun, and the children will grow into it. It will be natural for them to feel at home in Hortobágy,” Gergely Árpád Medgyesi, Director of Hortobágy National Park, said.

László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen, said that this is the fifth time that they have been able to organise the Hortobágy Equestrian Days jointly to pay tribute to folk culture, pastoral traditions and the culture of horsemanship. 

At the 55th Hortobágy Equestrian Days, there will also be a dressage championship, a dressage competition, a show jumping competition and a national canter preliminary race.

Source: dehir.hu | Photo credit: Facebook (Papp László)

Author: Debrecen4U