The playground Sziget-kék celebrates its first birthday this weekend. 

Deputy Mayor of Debrecen Diána Széles told local television that the former Ötholdas Pagony, where  Sziget-kék was created by land expansion, has been renovated every year, and when they thought of a larger-scale development, they started from the idea of giving the playground a real Debrecen theme.  

They chose a lesser-known work, “Sziget-kék” by writer Magda Szabó. Magda Szabó’s 1959 fairy tale novel Sziget-kék tells the story of Valentin. To rescue his accident-stricken mother, the little boy goes to a special island to find the island-blue elixir with which to save him.

The former “Ötholdas Pagony” playground, Sziget-kék, is a four-season playground with a central building, café and lookout tower. Next to the central building, a “small play town” is established with a ministry, police, gas station, and small cars. The deputy mayor pointed out that Sziget-kék has a special section with special play elements for children with disabilities so that they can enjoy the playground too.

The first birthday is celebrated for three days, from Friday (28th of July 2023) to Sunday evening (30th of July 2023), with free programs including a book fair, puppet show, concert and garden cinema. The cake will be served on Friday. The full program list is available here.

Source: dehir.hu | Debrecen Today – Photo credit: Facebook (Sziget-kék)

Author: Debrecen4U