Mayor László Papp said at the event that the city launched the programme in spring 2019, thanks to which it is now possible to plant the 10,000th tree in one of the most beautiful parts of the city, the Great Forest. In spring 2019, the planting of the 10,000th tree seemed a long way off. Five years was enough. 

“II is gratifying that we planted so many trees in Debrecen, not only thanks to the staff of the municipality and the financial means of the city, but also thanks to the many individuals and companies who joined the campaign” the mayor said, adding that it has become “trendy” to plant a tree in Debrecen. 

“Debrecen has indeed become greener in the last five years, both literally and figuratively, with the number of trees increasing. However, we’ve also made a lot of progress in terms of thinking, because it’s a good feeling when companies approach the city and say they want to participate in this programme”, he pointed out.

Papp László mentioned two very old oak trees near the site which according to a quick estimate by ecologist Csaba Aradi are approximately 150 and 250 years old. It is even possible that at that time Kossuth or Petőfi was cooling off under the tree, which by then had already grown to such an extent that it was possible to enjoy its shade. 

“The tree planted now is for the future, and hopefully in 100-150, or even 200 years, the people of Debrecen will remember that there was a time in the life of the city when the citizens of the city joined forces and planted many trees in different parts of the city. In the place where this tree used to stand, there was a similar oak with stems, which died out, and now we have chosen this place. This is to send a message to the future that we can always start again, we can always do good, we can always do something to make our future better, to make the future of our city better,” he added. 

The ten-thousandth pedunculated oak to be planted is about 18 years old and will hopefully continue to develop here for decades and centuries to come. 

The mayor said that in the next five years, the city government will continue to work on greening and protecting the environment with the same drive, commitment and unity as in the past.

The City Assembly has recently adopted the Green Codex, a set of 50 measures that commit all of us to make this city a better, more lovable, liveable, greener, more environmentally aware and sustainable city.  The “Let’s plant 10,000 trees in Debrecen” programme “announced this commitment. The mayor thanked all those who have been involved in greening the city in recent years, including the Future of Debrecen movement, which was launched in 2020, at the most difficult time possible, during the crown virus epidemic. He said that he hopes that they, together with the members of the Debrecen Future movement, will be able to focus on further greening the city in the coming decades, to make Debrecen even more liveable and friendly.

According to Deputy Mayor Ákos Balázs this day is a happy and joyful one, as many people have worked hard to get to the planting of the 10,000th tree. Thanks are due to the staff of Dekert Ltd., who took on the lion’s share of the work, the staff of the Green Space Department of the Mayor’s office, the members of the Green Working Group and the Future of Debrecen movement, the experts of the University of Debrecen, the civilians who took part in the tree planting programme. All this is the result of a great collaboration. 

According to Ákos Balázs, Debrecen can be successful because people can unite around good causes, and they can always use their knowledge for the benefit of environmental protection, and those who plant trees have confidence in the future, and the people of Debrecen have confidence in the future and have confidence in young people.

The Green Working Group was also made up of young environmental engineers and they started the work that led to the Future of Debrecen movement. This movement later, with the help of experts and professors from the University of Debrecen, created Hungary’s largest and most significant urban greening programme, the Green Codex, which provides guidance for the years to come and commits everyone to do their utmost to protect Debrecen’s environment. 

The new environmental policy announced by Mayor László Papp in 2019 is all about giving nature the opportunity to do its best.  That is why a total of 10,000 trees have been planted and 10,000 more will be planted.  Ákos Balázs wished that this unity will continue to guide the citizens of the city in the coming period and expressed his confidence that the community involved in planting the next 10,000 trees will only grow..

The 10,000th tree planted in the framework of the  “Let’s plant 10,000 trees in Debrecen” programme, and was blessed by Bishop of the Reformed Diocese of Tiszántúl Károly Fekete, Vicar General of the Diocese of Debrecen-Nyíregyháza Zoltán Krakomperger, and Pastoral Vicar of the Archdiocese of Hajdúdorog János Terdik. 

The song “Watch out for the bird” was performed by drama student of Debrecen Ady Endre Grammar  School Anikó Szolnoki,  and the song “Light year distance” by actor of the Csokonai National Theatre in Debrecen Richárd Kránicz. Debrecen firefighters also helped to plant the tree.

The event was accompanied by a day-long programme of environmental and nature conservation activities for hundreds of kindergarten and school children.  

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U