The maintenance work on tram line 1 was completed ahead of schedule at seven locations, and trams are running without interruption on the entire line. The complete reconstruction of tram line 1 was decided by the government earlier this year. 

On Friday, maintenance work was carried out on the Pallagi Road detour road. The renovation of tram line 1 started on the 10th of June and was carried out in three phases and the maintenance in seven places, with the least possible disruption to traffic.

“ Our course master is constantly out there checking the line. This was another section that we missed during the last renovation, so we had to do this anyway to run safe.  Of course, we can also reduce the journey time, as we can travel at higher speeds where the track allows,” Traffic Director of DKV PLC  István Miklós explained.

In recent years, DKV has already upgraded and renewed the track of tram line 1 in several phases, with the government’s decision on the full reconstruction being taken this year. DTV News has been informed that a public procurement procedure for a detailed feasibility study will be launched in the coming weeks.

Mayor László Papp recently said that in the next few years, major improvements would be made to the city’s public transport system to make it as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible.

“Two large solar power plants are being planned, as our aim is to make urban public transport more efficient and sustainable. The aim is that, over time, as the city’s budget, its room for manoeuvre and its economy allow, diesel vehicles will be replaced as far as possible by electric vehicles,”  László Papp said.

DKV closed with 77 million passengers in 2023, and nearly 22.5 million passengers were registered in the first quarter of 2024. The number of passengers this year is expected to exceed 80 million.


Author: Debrecen4U