The Municipality of Debrecen is continuously exploring ways to increase the transfer capacity of the city’s junctions. 

To this end, the following traffic improvements will be carried out at the intersections of Szent Anna Street and Vármegyeháza Street, and Rákóczi Street and Csapó Street on the 30th and 31st of October 2023, depending on weather conditions:

In addition to the existing left-straight, straight and straight-right lanes, a separate left-turn lane and a straight-left lane will be created on the Szent Anna Street branch of the junction of Szent Anna Street and Vármegyeháza Street by painting pavement signs and modifying the traffic light program.  The improvement will make it safer for vehicles to turn left towards Vármegyeháza Street and allow more vehicles to continue straight ahead towards Piac Street. For those who previously had to slow down or stop to make a turn, traffic will now flow more smoothly. Subject to weather conditions, this capacity increase will take place on the 30 of October 2023 (Monday). 

In order to increase the left-turn capacity in the direction of Csapó Street at the intersection of Rákóczi Street and Csapó Street, the Rákóczi Street branch will be converted from an internal independent straight lane to a left-straight lane by modifying the pavement signs and traffic light program.  After the changes, it will be possible to turn left into Csapó Street from two lanes. On Csapó Street, the new lane will continue until the Kölcsey Street pedestrian crossing. Construction will take place at this location, weather permitting, on Tuesday, 31st of October 2023. 

Source: debrecen.hu | Photo credit: Pixabay

Author: Debrecen4U