The transport improvement programme continues in Józsa. Today, a large-scale asphalting of the entire length of Harmat Street started.

The Debrecen 2030 programme includes several developments in Józsa, which the government has recently decided to support, so very important road network improvements can be implemented soon, as a first step, with the start of planning. The details were presented at a press conference held on the 6th of September, 2023, by the Mayor of Debrecen, László Papp and Ákos Balázs, Deputy Mayor of Debrecen and the local government representative of the area.

The development of the Józsa part of the settlement will focus on three main areas. These are education, environment and transport. “Never before have we been so close to connecting Debrecen and Józsa with a 2×2 lane”, Mayor László Papp said.

The publication of the public procurement notice is an important milestone to allow the construction design to start soon. This will include the construction of the Debrecen-Józsa northern relief road (between the M35 motorway and the 35. between the main road No. 35 Debrecen-Józsa and the main road No. 354 to 2×2 lanes.

Under the D2030 programme, major road rehabilitation works will continue throughout the city. The primary objective is to replace ageing and deteriorated asphalt pavements and, where necessary, improve the road structure to ensure traffic safety. In total, the municipality has allocated around half a billion forints over the past four years to improve the road network in the municipality of Józsa for large-scale asphalting and road construction.

In Józsa, the second phase of the large-scale asphalting of Függetlenség Street will be followed by the start of the second phase of the asphalting of Harmat Street, renewing the entire road section between main road No 35 and Sillye Gábor Street. Harmat Street has a high traffic volume and is used by public transport operated by DKV Zrt.

The works will start with the cutting of the embankment, the repair of the drainage ditches, the milling of the asphalt layer, and the laying of the bottom asphalt layer, followed by the platform renovation and the asphalt paving. The work started on Wednesday, the 6th of September, 2023, after the morning rush hour. Weather conditions permitting, road repairs are expected to be completed by the end of October. The contractor makes every effort to return the area to traffic as soon as possible. The work will resurface approximately 730 metres of pavement and 4,380 m2 of road surface.

In the municipality of Józsa, nearly 2,400 metres of roads were renewed in the municipal cycle that started in 2019 at a cost of around HUF 287 million. After the 2nd stage of Sillye Gábor Street, Barakonyi Street, the 1st stage of Rózsástelep Street, part of Alsójózsai Street, the 1st and 2nd stages of Függetlenség Street, the large-scale asphalting of Harmat street is now starting, at a gross cost of HUF 105 million.

In addition to the above, 6 streets have been paved, over a distance of more than 800 metres, at a cost of nearly HUF 123 million. The streets concerned are Gönczy Pál Street (II.

 ütem), Szőlőhegy Street, Csapszék Street, Vashámor Street and Barakonyi Street. Józsa is a specific part of Debrecen, currently there is only one access point towards Debrecen, the main road 35 with 2×1 traffic lanes.

Ákos Balázs said that they are working on a strategy to distribute the traffic and offer as many routes as possible to the inhabitants of Józsa, as the Böszörményi Road has limited capacity. The deputy mayor pointed out that families in Józsa travel to Debrecen on a daily basis, so it is particularly important to improve transport conditions, whether by car, bicycle or public transport.

It is encouraging that government support is enabling the first steps to be taken to implement the strategy. The 2×2 lanes of road 35 and the Józsa northern bypass, which will link Alsójózsa, road 35 and the motorway slip road, can now be completed at the design level. As well as the connection of the Domokos Márton Road, which will relieve the load on the Böszörményi Road, to the 354 bypass road by creating a new junction. The cost of the latter is already covered by the government.

Part of the government support package is the development of the section between Highway No. 35, the upgrading of the section of the main road No.354 between Debrecen-Józsa and Debrecen-Józsa to 2×2 lanes, at a total cost of HUF 8.2 billion, of which HUF 325 million is for planning. This will fulfil a long-standing wish of the people of Józsa. The other element of the package is the Debrecen-Józsa northern relief road (between the M35 motorway and the main road 35) at a total cost of nearly HUF 7 billion, of which the design is about HUF 350 million.

The deputy mayor also informed that the road improvement programme will be continued, under which additional dirt roads can be paved with asphalt. The public procurement procedure for the design will be completed soon. During the next planning period, 165 metres of Jósa Miklós Street, 220 metres of Északi sor and Vashámor Street and 640 metres of Platán Street will be resurfaced, including storm water drainage and utility works.

Source and photo credit: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U