Two highly successful performances are planned in the Főnix Arena in the spring. 

The musicals “Puskás” and the “Kőszívű (Stoneheart)-Baradlay Legend” will arrive in Debrecen on the evening of the 14th and the 15th of March. Official autograph signings and backstage tours will also be available at the spectacular musical theatre performances.

Star cast, catchy tunes, unique visuals: Puskás, the musical, and the musical “Kőszívű (Stoneheart)-Baradlay Legend” will arrive in Debrecen in mid-March. On the stage of the Főnix Aréna, there will be pyrotechnic feats, humans flying and acrobats.  More than four thousand interested people are expected in the auditorium.

The productions have been performed more than 150 times and reached almost 150,000 nationwide viewers. Grandiose musical theatre performances will arrive in Debrecen for the first time on the evening of March 14 and 15. According to producer László Szabó, the people of Debrecen can expect a huge party.

“We invite all Debrecen residents to a history lesson; we fly back to the 1950s and the era of the freedom fight. We present human stories from which we can all build on. We also talk about friendship, love, patriotism, camaraderie and chivalry, ’ László Szabó said.

According to the Mayor of Debrecen László Papp, both performances find a point of connection with the city. The musical linked to Ferenc Puskás (“Puskás”) is an excellent story for football lovers. At the same time, the “Kőszívű (Stoneheart)-Baradlay Legend” reminds visitors of the events of the war of independence in Debrecen 175 years ago.

“I think it is a great thing that we will be able to crown the 15th of March, which was first celebrated by the Hungarian Government on the occasion of its first anniversary in Debrecen, by showing the Baradlay legend in the form of a musical in Debrecen as well,’” the mayor emphasised.

Before and after the performances, there will also be an opportunity to go backstage, ask for autographs, and take photos.

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U