The local school district centre organised the finals of the Debrecen Student Talent Conference for the seventh time. On Friday, the most talented senior students from nine school districts gave presentations and received awards from the Public Foundation for Talented Youth of Debrecen.

One after the other, the finalists of the student talent conference gave their presentations. “They are the best among the upper school students, every student who reached the finals is an outstanding talent and individual, so we can learn from the best”, Director of the Debrecen School District Centre László Türk said. “A total of 299 students from nine school districts submitted 181 entries to the seventh National Talent Conference in Debrecen. Today we are presenting the best 26 entries,” László Türk emphasised.

“The “Debrecen example”, a talent management programme of outstanding importance, was launched more than a decade and a half ago. This is worthy of the rank and prestige of the school city of Debrecen, which also entails significant obligations, “ Mayor László Papp said. 

“In order to maintain and strengthen the role of the school city, the appropriate infrastructure, the use of modern teaching tools and technologies, the professional development of teachers, and the modern education of students are essential. I can proudly say that for the leadership of the city of Debrecen, the support of talent management is of outstanding importance, “ the Mayor said.

The awards of the Public Foundation for Talented Debrecen Youth were also presented at the event. Eight students with exemplary performance received the city’s recognition. At the finals, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the foundation that maintains the University of Debrecen, György Kossa announced that in recognition of and support for talent, they would  support one million forints to the students who achieved a place in the competition.


Author: Debrecen4U