Vantage Towers would contribute to the modernisation of the digital infrastructure of Eastern Hungary with green info-communication towers, 5G indoor coverage networks or even electric car charging systems. 

On Tuesday, the company’s executives presented the opportunities to contribute to the digital prosperity of the region’s citizens and businesses at a conference. 5G has a higher frequency than the previous 3 or 4, so it covers a smaller area and is harder to penetrate barriers, but it is now indispensable for the population and industry. Vantage Towers Zrt. is Hungary’s leading tower company, responsible for the passive infrastructure of 2,300 base stations nationwide. It is also at the forefront of deploying DAS systems, providing indoor coverage for office buildings, shopping malls, and residential complexes.

“We are making an antenna system that is compatible with all mobile operators, so it gives subscribers and customers the freedom to go there if another mobile operator offers a better deal in two years, or to go back in one and a half years, so it gives them flexibility in this respect,” Gergő Budai J., President and CEO of Vantage Towers Hungary, said.

In Debrecen, the green transition is helped by the creation of solar parks, the use of electric buses in public transport and the fact that locals can park their electric cars in the city for free. For example, Vantage Towers can also install electric charging stations.

Deputy Mayor of Debrecen Ákos Balázs told the meeting that Debrecen is a smart city and that a green approach is being brought to the fore in all areas of life. “It is essential that these networks and IT networks develop and provide opportunities for Debrecen to be competitive in robotisation, self-driving vehicles and any other technological field that helps the green transition,” he said.

In recent years, Debrecen has attracted €11 billion in working capital and created 17,000 new jobs. The area of industrial parks has increased tenfold in 10 years. Deputy Mayor Lajos Barcsa said Debrecen is the city of the future, which will become a centre of electromobility, bringing new investment from related sectors.

“BMW, one of the most innovative, if not the most innovative, company in the world, is building a whole factory with the most modern technology possible. We are confident that this development will bring to the city an IT development that will be used by most of the population, not only by industry,” Deputy Mayor of Debrecen Lajos Barcsa stressed.

Vantage Towers’ managers are confident that they can also play a major role in the development of digital infrastructure in Eastern Hungary. Their towers are currently equipped with sensors from the University of Debrecen, but they have also developed concrete urban development plans in the spirit of sustainability and renewable energy.

Source and photo credit: debrece.hu

Author: Debrecen4U