The “Move, Debrecen!” health initiative is linked to the General Assembly of the Hungarian Pulmonary Society.

On Thursday morning, the participants of the “Move, Debrecen!” program gathered again for a Heart-Friendly walk in the Great Forest.  However, this time the lungs were the focus of the presentations.

“The stated goal of the “Move, Debrecen!” health initiative is to support and help the clinic and the medical community. We’ve already had our “World Kidney Day – Move, Debrecen!” week and we have now partnered with colleagues from pulmonology,” Director of the Institute of Primary Care and Health Development in Debrecen Csaba Papp pointed out.

Almost a million people in our country suffer from some form of chronic respiratory disease, and the latest research findings will also be reviewed at the multi-day event.

“Now, this congress, which is the grand meeting of the Hungarian Lung Society, is an absolutely beautiful showcase, because we are discussing new findings with more than seven hundred people. Cardiologists will also be here to talk about this very subject, why it is better for the heart if it is good for the lungs,” Director of the Department of Lung Diseases at the University of Debrecen Professor Ildikó Dr. Kissné Dr. Horváth said.

Participants in the “Heart Friendly Walk” are happy to hear lots of useful information and advice while they move. They also want to relax.

“For the company itself,  it’s a very convivial group, everyone can walk at their own pace, and we exchange experiences and events in the meantime,  who goes where,” Márta Boros said.

More than 75,000 people from Debrecen have already taken part in the programmes of the “Move, Debrecen!” health initiative

“The most important thing was to start using our existing infrastructure, sports parks, community centres. A big thank you to the school district for supporting the movement, which now has a weekly programme at 16 locations in different parts of the city, practically within walking distance,” Deputy Mayor Diána Széles said.

As part of the ” Move, Debrecen!” health initiative, there are several thematic, community-building programmes, such as the Carnival of Movement or the city tour by bike, in addition to free screenings.

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U