Mayor of Debrecen László Papp, Mayor of Hajdúsámson Szabolcs Antal and Ferenc Gorján, CEO of Debrecen Waterworks PLC presented the latest details of the development project, which will also affect Hajdúsámson, at a press conference on the 8th of April 2024.

“A few weeks ago, it was announced that a very significant infrastructure development project would be launched in Debrecen, affecting the Eastern part of the city. The city is undergoing very dynamic economic development, but this development is only healthy if the citizens of the city can benefit from it to a significant extent. For this reason, economic development in Debrecen will be closely linked to infrastructure development for the population in the coming years. In the 2024 city budget, the municipality has already clearly indicated that, as in previous years, infrastructure development will be a priority this year, and within this, water infrastructure development will be a key priority now and in the coming years, László Papp said. László Papp announced the launch of a public procurement procedure for the major development of the water infrastructure in the Eastern part of the city. The deadline for tenders for the design phase closed on the 4th of  April and the evaluation of the bids received is currently underway. The results will be announced in the coming weeks, after which the design work can start in the first half of the year. Infrastructure development in the Eastern part of the city can be divided into two major components. One is the design of the transport network,with the planning of the related rainwater drainage. The other is the design of a drinking water backbone and a sewerage backbone. The design of the sewer backbone, the so-called main collector nine, a 30-31 kilometre long pipeline running through the city from the east, bypassing the city from the south and connecting to the sewage treatment plant, will be underway. In parallel, an 18-kilometre-long drinking water pipeline is also being planned. This means that the basic utility infrastructure for an area of more than 1,200 hectares in the Eastern part of the city could be developed. As the Mayor said“ there has been a long-standing discussion that the Eastern part of the city will be characterised by a predominantly residential development in the coming decades. However, this development cannot start until the basic utility infrastructure is built. Debrecen has recently developed into a city that is very closely linked to and cooperates with the agglomeration settlements. This is particularly important in terms of basic infrastructure. The Debrecen Waterworks PLC provides drinking water and sewerage services also in Hajdúsámson. Hajdúsámson, which is perhaps one of the most important agglomeration settlements of Debrecen, has experienced a significant increase in population in recent years, and this has to be followed by infrastructure. László Papp emphasised ”the Mayor of Hajdúsámson, Szabolcs Antal is also present at this event because the development of the Eastern part of Debrecen is clearly linked to the development objectives of Hajdúsámson. The two cities will be even more closely connected in terms of infrastructure, moreover the residential area of Hajdúsámson will be able to expand towards Debrecen, and Debrecen towards Hajdúsámson. It is possible that by the second half of the 21st century the two cities will be naturally connected. This is why it is very important for the two municipalities to start thinking together now to develop basic infrastructure”. László Papp highlighted that the planning process for the infrastructure development of the Eastern part of the city will be completed in 2025, and after that, in possession of the necessary permits, the construction can take place.

The Mayor of Debrecen added to what was said “a separate development will affect the Debrecen water treatment plant number 4. This means that the current capacity of the water plant will be increased multiple times. The planning public procurement procedure for this development will start in the first half of 2024. This is how the development process started in the eastern part of the city becomes complete – in other words, the wired infrastructure develops and waterworks No. 4 develops, which is one of the waterworks in the city that supply the best quality water. With this, the drinking water needs of Debrecen and Hajdúsámson will be fully serviced.

Mayor of Hajdúsámson Antal Szabolcs recalled that he had contacted László Papp more than a year before in order to discuss the effects of Debrecen’s economic development on Hajdúsámson, for example in terms of population growth.Debrecen helps Hajdúsámson to get a supply guarantee regarding the drinking water supply. Antal Szabolcs thanked Debrecen for supporting Hajdúsámson, which as the largest agglomeration settlement almost “breathes together” with the county seat.  According to the Mayor, it is necessary to prepare for the time when the increase in the population in Hajdúsámson will reach such a level that, in terms of drinking water supply and sewerage, for Hajdúsámson as well, the developments in the Eastern part of Debrecen will be a guarantee of supply even for the next half- even in a century.According to the mayor, we must be prepared for the time when the population growth in Hajdúsámson will reach such a level that the developments in the Eastern part of the town will guarantee the supply of drinking water and sewage pipelines for Hajdúsámson, even in the next half century.    

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U