Composting, sustainable fashion, nutrition, and seasonal gardening, among others, are presented in the latest exhibition of Nature Reserve (Természettár). In addition to teaching the students, the interactive exhibition ‘Circular Management’ aims to make it clear that we can easily do something to protect our environment in everyday life.

Puzzles help learn which vegetables and fruits are worth eating or growing in which season.

According to Isabell Mariani, you have to start gardening, and then you can quickly learn the tricks of growing plants.

‘I do it with my mom because she is a gardener. We buy the flowers, vegetables and fruits, and we plant them in order and wait until they grow, then we either eat them or put them out somewhere,’ she said.

Today, anyone who wants can do gardening in cities, for example, in the raised beds of community gardens. Still, if space is limited, it is possible to do so in windows or balconies. The Nature Reserve’s latest exhibition shows us that nature conservation is not complicated. Anyone can quickly reduce their ecological footprint daily and do many things to protect their environment.

‘The focus was primarily on the garden, so practically every process that takes place in a garden can be learned about, but the exhibition also covers chemical-free, healthy lifestyles, fashion, permaculture or quality time, ’Zoltán Váradi, the Nature Reserve’s leader pointed out.

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U