Wizz Air already flies from Budapest to Tel-Aviv in March, the possible restart in Debrecen has been postponed

2024.02.06. | News

According to their current plans, starting from the 18th of June, they would travel twice a week between Israel and Hungary’s second largest city, but of course this could change again.

Wizz Air suspended its flights from Budapest and Debrecen to Tel Aviv after the Hamas militants who rule the Gaza Strip launched a surprise attack on Israel on the 7th of October.

The terrorists invaded the southern part of the country and killed more than 1,300 people, injured around 3,000 more and kidnapped at least 150 people. Israel continues to carry out retaliatory actions, and the government has vowed to wipe Hamas off the face of the earth.Wizz Air recently announced that it would  restart its flights between Budapest and Tel-Aviv on the 1st of March. At that time, it was even stated in the schedule that the flight would restart from Debrecen at the beginning of April, but this has now been postponed again, this time to the middle of June. 

Zsuzsa Trubek, Wizz Air’s communications manager, told Dehir.hu earlier they were constantly monitoring the situation, they had not given up the flight, as it had been very successful, and they wanted to restart it, but of course the safety of passengers and crew was the most important thing.

The suspension of the flight will also have a negative impact on Debrecen’s tourism, as in recent years the visitor traffic from Israel has been very active. For example, a hundred guests arrived at the Aquaticum Hotel on one flight.

Wizz Air has been flying to Tel Aviv from Debrecen since the spring of 2017, although the flight has been suspended several times due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Due to the war with Israel, Wizz Air stopped the Debrecen-Egypt flight earlier, the last plane left in mid-January, as demand fell. According to the original plans, the flight would have operated until spring.

With Wizz Air, travellers can currently fly to London, Rome, Larnaca in Cyprus (this has not been a holiday flight for some time, but operates all year round) and Eindhoven from Debrecen, and with Lufthansa to Munich.

It has already been revealed that this year Wizz Air will also restart its three seasonal holiday flights to Debrecen, so in the summer and autumn of 2024 passengers will again be able to fly from Debrecen to Antalya in Turkey, Corfu in Greece and Burgas in Bulgaria. We recently wrote about the fact that Wizz Air brought forward the restart of the Burgas flight from May to the beginning of April.

Wizz Air now flies with a reduced number of flights on the Debrecen lines due to maintenance.

Source: Dehir.hu

Author: Debrecen4U