The maintenance of the machines serving the Debrecen flights is over. There are now for example five flights a week to London, but there will also be a positive change for the Rome service from April.

In 2023, Wizz Air had to ground several aeroplanes to inspect Pratt & Whitney GTF engines, which continued in 2024. Due to maintenance, Wizz Air operated reduced flights from Debrecen until the third week of March. 

The airline has carried out an overhaul and maintenance of the aircraft serving the Debrecen flights, thus gradually restoring the previous flight numbers.

One of the most significant changes is that the Debrecen-London frequency has been increased from the reduced four to five flights a week. Managing Director of Debrecen International Airport Ltd. Tamás Király added that this flight is still the most popular, the planes are almost always full.

There is also a favourable change for the Rome flight, where the two weekly planes (until now on Fridays and Sundays) will remain.  But from April they will return to Tuesday and Saturday departures. Thus, there are 3-4 days between flights back and forth, which is more favourable for a short-day city visit than when there was only a day or five between the departure and the return flight.

In June, Wizz Air will resume its flight from Debrecen to Tel Aviv, which was suspended after the terrorist attack in October. Tamás Király says they are happy with the airline’s decision, and although they expect a slower take-off from the flight, they see that there is demand for it. In addition to tourists, for example, many people from Romania, from settlements near the border, have worked in Israel as carers or housekeepers, and many of them would feel safe to return if they could fly from Debrecen, as they did before. 

Wizz Air currently flies to London, Rome, Larnaca in Cyprus (which has been a year-round service for some time now, rather than a holiday route) and Eindhoven from Debrecen, while Lufthansa flies to Munich. Wizz Air’s flight to Istanbul will depart in mid-April. 

It was announced earlier this year that Wizz Air will relaunch its three seasonal holiday flights from Debrecen, so that in the summer and autumn of 2024, flights will again be available from Debrecen to Antalya in Turkey, Corfu in Greece and Burgas in Bulgaria.

Tui will launch charter flights to Antalya, Turkey, as will Ibusz. Ibusz will also operate charter flights to the Greek island of Crete, Hania. Robinson Tours will operate charter flights to Burgas in Bulgaria and Kartago Tours to Monastir in Tunisia.

According to the calculations and hopes of Debrecen International Airport Ltd., the annual passenger traffic will be similar to last year, when 306,000 passengers used the Debrecen airport. Although the demand for travel is increasing, so passenger numbers could have risen, however, due to Wizz Air’s engine maintenance, the number of flights was reduced for a short three months, so no increase in passenger numbers is expected.

Source: dehir.hu

Author: Debrecen4U