Currently, almost 280 local houses are under local protection in Debrecen.

Those interested in the exhibition can see more than a hundred local houses, focusing mainly on their gates, in the window of the property at no 70-72 Piac Street. The exhibition is presented by Cívis Ház Zrt., in cooperation with the Debrecen City Protection and Beautification Association.

Architect Emőke Pataky, the professional vice-president of the Debrecen City Protection and Beautification Association, said that the exhibition of Cívis Ház Zrt. shows the houses that create the most beautiful streetscape or are located in a row in the streetscape.

Most of the buildings are privately owned, however, Cívis Ház Zrt. renovates the houses under its jurisdiction on a scheduled basis. In recent years, the city assembly has placed several buildings under local protection. There are currently almost 280 protected local houses in Debrecen. The city assembly may soon decide on the protection of new buildings.

Edit Erdei, CEO of Cívis Ház Zrt., said that it is important for them that the city centre is lively and exciting.

“All elements of the city’s architecture that represent built value must be preserved, and we are working on this. In the coming months, the city’s general assembly will be able to discuss a proposal that will place a relatively larger number of new city buildings under protection,” Mayor of Debrecen László Papp stressed. 

In connection with the showcase exhibition, a digital photo contest is being launched for high school students. Another exhibition of the best pictures will be organised later.

Source: dehir.hu

Author: Debrecen4U