The construction of the bus lane on Hunyadi Street has started. The details of the development were presented by elected municipal representative István Bognár, on the 1st of July 2024.

The municipal representative said that  the Municipality of Debrecen is committed to the development of transport in 2024. Within the framework of the D2030 programme, the Burgundia Street and Hunyadi János Street bus lanes will be connected to make public transport in the city centre faster and more dynamic.

He stressed that the outer lane from the direction of Csapó Street, the area closed to traffic at the transport island, has been designated as a bus lane by using traffic management devices. In addition, 110 metres of the northern side of János Hunyadi Street will be paved, a new street lighting network and stormwater drainage will be installed, and the existing independent right-turn lane (towards Péterfia Street) will be resurfaced.

István Bognár drew attention to the fact that a temporary traffic order has been introduced in the affected area from today, so he asked road users to avoid driving in traffic out of habit.

The construction works started with the reconstruction of the new street lighting system and the demolition of the pavement. The street lighting works are expected to be completed within two weeks, followed by the reconstruction of the existing stormwater drainage system and the construction of the pavement. 

The works will cost a gross amount of HUF 75 million. The works will be completed with the laying of the new asphalt wearing course and the painting of the pavement markings, expected by the 30th of August, however the contractor will do its utmost to complete the works as soon as possible.


Author: Debrecen4U