A New Exhibition in the Gallery of Medgyessy Ferenc High School

At the exhibition the audience will be able to see the works of the 13th and 14th grade painting students of Medgyessy Ferenc High School, Art High School and Technikum.

The exhibition ‘There’s something to be excited about’  opens on Thursday, on the 11th of January 5:30 p.m.

‘This is where they are now, they don’t want to research/investigate something, they rather show the ‘ being there’ by wandering on their own path. Individual experiments, attempts that we see. Their clicks, data ‘bolt-down’, daily stories written in hastags are visualised,’Károly Szabó summarised it.

Csilla Kiss Papp, Deputy Director of Igazgyöngy AMI (former Deputy Director and Artistic Director of Medgyessy High School) will open the exhibition in the MFG Gallery on Angyalföld Square.

Date: from 11th of January

Location: MFG Gallery, Angyalföld  Square

Source: Dehir.hu