A sip of Culture (vol 2.)

MODEM and the Déri Museum are again welcoming visitors who want to relax with colourful programs at the joint event “A sip of Culture” (vol 2.) (Kultúrkorty vol. 2.).

In the Déri Museum visitors can participate in a board game “It’s worth every penny!” and then in a “One-off and unrepeatable” program they can see special Transylvanian money collections. 

Guests can get to know the “painting treasures of Transylvania” at the exhibition titled “The art of Transylvania between the two world wars”, and by “Exploring the secrets of the depths of the earth” they can also come across valuable archaeological finds from the Neolithic period.

The next stop of the tour is the building of MODEM, where guests can take an exclusive art tour to the hidden side of the institution, directly behind the scenes. 

In the meantime, the permanent exhibition of MODEM’s collection within the institution, Along the Line is also visited. If visitors were to travel to the past, they can also discover the relationship between history and truth through the history of the Esterházy family, at the exhibition of  Esterházy Marcell, TIMELINES.

By the thematic selection of wines from one of Hungary’s largest wine retailers, borbolt.hu, the autumn wine experiences of the event “A sip of Culture” would be completed with the participation of two professionals: wine academician, Pál Kovács and sommelier-wine curator Béla Vállai. In this final program element, memorable flavours can be experienced, interesting stories can be heard about wines and their makers in the latest act of the wonderful Hungarian wine culture.

Contributors on 9th of November: Historian Ádám Novák, Déri Museum (“It’s worth every penny!”), curatorial assistant Edward Kovács, MODEM (Esterházy Marcell:TIMELINES), Béla Vállai: Roaming in Burgerland and the Sopron Wine Region, where the wine industry has developed significantly thanks to the Esterházys.

Ticket price: HUF 4,900, which fully includes the programs in the Déri Museum and MODEM, as well as the  wine tasting.

Tickets for “A sip of Culture’s ” (Kultúrkorty) unique programs can be purchased online at modemart.jegy.hu or in person at the MODEM ticket office.

With their participation, visitors accept that audio and video recordings will be made during the event, which can be used for promotional purposes on the MODEM and Déri Museum interfaces.

Date: 9 November, 6 p.m.

Location: Déri Museum and MODEM

Source: Modemart.hu