Autumn Festival in MODEM art Center

The Autumn Festival of Museums, which has been operating since 2006, is an annual series of cultural events spanning a longer period. Its goal is the widespread promotion of museums, where the attention is not only focused on the museums, but they also want to maintain interest and experience with modern, entertaining programs that are renewed every year.

On 28 October MODEM is looking forward to welcoming everyone at the Autumn Festival of Museums, where they will show visitors how the contemporary art centre with Hungary’s largest continuous exhibition space works, from the basement to the attic.

Guests can take a look at Esterházy Marcell’s TIMELINES exhibition and watch a selection from the MODEM moving picture collection. They show what is hidden in a museum’s artefact warehouse and what happens in a research room during the processing of artefacts.

Programs in Hungarian and English:

In Hungarian:

3 p.m.  Engine House Tour

3.30 p.m.  Tour of the Research Room

4 p.m. Engine House Tour

4.30 p.m. Tour of the Research Room

5 p.m.  Artefact Tour and Guided Tour of the Collection (Free registration: regisztracio@modemart.hu)

6 p.m. Guided tour of the Timelines Exhibition

In English:

3 p.m. Guided Tour of the Timelines Exhibition

4 p.m. Artefacts Tour (Free registration: regisztracio@modemart.hu)

6.30 p.m. Guided tour of the Along the Line Exhibition

* Events in Hungarian and English can be visited free of charge by everyone. Prior registration is required for our Artefacts Tour program.

Exclusive programs:

3 p.m.  Artefacts Tour and Guided Tour of the Collection

4 p.m. Guided Tour of the Timelines Exhibition

5 p.m. Coffee break on the 2nd floor

5.30 p.m Tour of the Research Room

6 p.m. Engine House Tour

Ticket price: HUF 3,500.

Online ticket purchase at modemart.jegy.hu.

The right is reserved to change the program. With their participation, visitors accept that audio and video recordings are made during the programs, which can be used for promotional purposes on MODEM’s interfaces.

Source:Pincétől a padlásig – Modemart