Border Age – Exhibition by Zoltán Fátyol and István Tamus

The exhibition Border Age celebrates the 70th birthdays of two artists from Debrecen, visual artist Zoltán Fátyol and graphic artist István Tamus, by bringing together works from the advanced stages of their careers.

“Border age” refers to a period marking a complex transition process between eras that have gained stability based on their own order as well as a transition that forms a bridge between the past, which is considered to be outdated, and the future, with a gesture of moving forward.

This exhibition of major local artists at MODEM is not intended to be a complete overview of their oeuvres, but it aims to provide insight into the dominant themes, motifs and technical experiments that have defined the careers of these two artists, who have different temperaments.

More about the exhibition: https://modemart.hu/en/exhibitions/hatarkor/

Curator: János Áfra

Date: until the 3rd of March

Location: MODEM

Source: https://modemart.hu/en/exhibitions/hatarkor/