Christmas Show of Agyagbanda Band from Miskolc

The Agyagbanda Band will welcome the public with a Christmas show at Debrecen Advent.

The Agyagbanda Band from Miskolc has an incredibly rich repertoire of sheet music, folk tunes, old hits, and jazz tunes.  Of course, visitors can also listen to the latest hits performed in the band’s own style at the event..

The members of the orchestra are Ádám Fáy/saxophone, Tamás Jakab/clarinet, Sándor Jeczenyik/tango accordion, Tamás Labant/guitar, Máté Ács/drums, Dániel Négyesi/baritone horn.

Enjoy the singing and the dancing with this unique band.

Date: 3rd of December, 4 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Location: Debrecen Advent 

Source: debreceniadvent.hu