Church Backyard Market

On the third Saturday of every month, at the relaunched Church Backyard Market (Egyháztáji market), visitors can buy products from local farmers and artisans at favourable prices in the heart of the city centre.

The organisers of the event are Debrecen Great Church Congregation and Hajdúság Pantry (Hajdúság Éléskamrája).


8.00 a.m. Opening of the  event

9.00 a.m. Freshly squeezed grape juice

10.00 a.m. Debrecen Folk Ensemble performance

11.00 a.m. Superstar Cheerleading and Dance Association’s performance

Additional attractions at the fair to expect:

–  bouncy castle, folk games, trampoline, book exchange point, Slambuc

The games are free to use. Squeezing grapes is available  all day long!

Date: 21 October

Location: 2-4 Leány Street, Inner courtyard of the Debrecen Great Church Congregation

Source: Programturizmus