Concert of the 100-member Gypsy Orchestra Mission in the Great Reformed Church

The third stop of the church concert series of the world-famous orchestra, the 100-member Gypsy Orchestra Mission will be in the Great Reformed Church of Debrecen on the 25th of May, from 6.00 p.m. 

The art of the 100 Member Gypsy Orchestra is priceless. It is a true Hungaricum, unique and Hungarian. At the Mission concert, the audience can meet the chamber orchestra, where they can hear mainly classical, symphonic pieces, such as Back Air or Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody II, but also sacred pieces by Schubert and Gounod.

Since its foundation, the orchestra has given more than a thousand concerts, from the culture hall of the smallest town in the country to many famous concert halls around the world. The orchestra has performed abroad and at home, providing value by building bridges between different social strata.

In the orchestra’s performances, while cultivating and preserving the traditional sound, the search for the musical path of the modern can be found world as one of the most obvious means of communication. With its repertoire, performed in a unique instrumentation, the orchestra tries to make the works it interprets as simple and comprehensible as possible.

Tickets can be purchased via this link.

Date: 25 May, 6.00 p.m. 

Location: Great Reformed Church of Debrecen

Source:FB Events