Concert of Trio Consort at Partium House

The concert of the Trio Consort string trio in the Partium House will take the audience back to the 19th century on the 4th of July from 6.00 p.m. at Partium House.

The music of the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy represents the flourishing musical life of 19th century Hungary which  offered a rich and varied range of styles and genres, including opera, operetta, symphony and chamber music. The period was characterised by musical styles combining Romantic and Classical elements, with works full of deep emotion and spiritual richness, with themes of love, loss, passion and patriotism, while also reflecting the social and political events of the time.

The music of the Monarchy was characterised by a close link between musical culture and political power. Musicologists and composers were highly respected, often enjoying the support of the elite due to their special status, and were present at coronation ceremonies, military parades and court balls.

Music was therefore not just a means of musical expression, but an important element of history and identity itself, which continues to inspire and enrich Europe’s cultural heritage today. The Trio Consort String Trio concert in Debrecen is a reminder of these times. 


Ede Poldini: Palotás (solemn, slow noble dance)

János Bihari: Hadik óbester’s (colonel in old military language’) song

Jakab Pazeller: Herkulesfürdő memories

Paganini: Cantabile

Ferenc Lehár: Paganini’s aria (Gern hab’ ich die Frau’n geküsst)

Ferenc Erkel: Palotás (solemn, slow noble dance)

Ferenc Lehár: Golden and Silver Waltz

Ferenc Erkel: My homeland, my homeland

Béla Kéler: Memory of Bártfa

Johann Strauss II: Long live the Hungarian! Quick Polka

Date: 4 July, 6.00 p.m.
Location: Partium House,  81 Piac Street