Dance Performance of the Csokonai National Theater

“Blue men … and white” – Dance Performance of the Dance Artists of the Csokonai National Theater.

Although they have already performed at the festive gala of the Csokonai Theatre, the dance artists of the Csokonai National Theater will present themselves for the first time at the MagdaFest with an independent performance.

The first part of Blue men…tells about the secrets of the “crown of creation”, explores the mysteries of male life in the interpretation of three excellent dancers, who are also special individuals. The show is dominated by the blue of the sea, the limitless depth where (male) power is born. But it is also easy to get lost in it, because it is the source of countless doubts, dreams, anxiety and joy. Bringing these to the surface, and then the desire to overcome them, is a mystery, a mystery that the performance brings to life.

The second part of the performance  “…and white” rhymes with all this and interprets the feelings of being a woman as a pair. Five special figures appear before us, who are the female substance of today’s world. They are the imprints of how women experience drive and aspiration. In order to reach the sacred power of the feminine quality, which is nothing but magic and inner light.

“I started the rehearsals for our dance performance Blue men … and white, born in 2010, by asking our male dancers what is important to them, but they hide it from the world. We built on these and this is how the entire performance became complete, the second part of which is about the reflections of the female soul”, as director-choreographer Zsófia Nemes recommends the production.

The performance of the PR-Evolution – Debrecen Contemporary Dance Ensemble is organised within the programmes of MagdaFest.

Location: Csokonai Forum, Árpád Kóti Hall 

You can buy tickets on line: https://jegy.csokonaiszinhaz.hu/

Source: Csokonail Theater