Easter Holy Week Concert of Kodály Philharmonic Orchestra and Kodály Choir

The audience is invited to the Easter Holy Week concert of Kodály Philharmonic Orchestra and  Kodály Choir on the 26th of  March at 7.00 p.m. in the Great Hall of the Kölcsey Centre.

Contributors:  Adrienn Wágner, Krisztián Cser – vocals / Kodály Philharmonic Orchestra / Kodály Choir 
Choir director: Zoltán Kocsis-Holper


  • Fauré: Requiem, op. 48.
  • Poulenc: Stabat Mater
  • Verdi: Four hymns

For more information about the concert and to buy tickets can be found here.

Gabriel Fauré’s Requiem was inspired by his father’s death and his mother’s death, originally consisting of five movements for choir, chamber orchestra, organ, soprano, and baritone solo. Later, he added additional movements. A large-orchestral version was also prepared, but it abstracted the funeral mass from church liturgical performance.

Francis Poulenc composed the Stabat Mater in 1951 for soprano solo, mixed choir, and orchestra after the death of a friend. The work, based on a mediaeval text, has twelve short movements with colourful transitions between gloomy, light, and frivolous characters. It was presented at the Strasbourg festival and received great response in Europe and the US.

Verdi’s Quattro pezzi scacri is a loose cycle of works created between 1861-1897. The works include Ave Maria, Stabat Mater, Paradisi gloria, Laudi alla vergine Maria, and Te Deum. The pieces can be performed together or separately.


Date: 26 March, 7.00 p.m.
Location:Great Hall of the Kölcsey Centre

Source: dehir.hu