“Everyone Cheer Up” – Funny and Humorous Choral Works

Humour and a desire for musical adventure sometimes inspire choral composers as well. Zoltán Kocsis-Holper, the head conductor of the Kodály Choir, picked some results of such moments and put together a really entertaining program.

Performers are Vojevogyina Olga/piano, the Kodály Choir and the percussion artists of Kodály Philharmonics.


  1. Guillaume: Tchaka
  2. Guillaume: Kanaval
  3. Toch: Geographical Fugue
  4. Seiber: Three Nonsense Songs

Gy. Orbán: Panyigai fresh; Adventurers Beware

  1. Vajda: Bagatelles (details)

Gy. Selmeczi: Three crows

  1. Daróci Bárdos: Bird feeder
  2. Beischer-Matyó: The contest of Flowers
  3. Gyöngyösi: When I think about My Beloved
  4. Tóth: “Wine Song” 
  5. Shearing: Songs and Sonnets (excerpts)

Can’t buy me love – King’s Singers

  1. Howe: Wannabe
  2. Mäntyjärvi: El Hambo
  3. Mäntyjärvi: Pseudo Yoik

Conductor: Zoltán Kocsis-Holper

Ticket price: HUF 2,200

Date: 10 November, 7 p.m.

Location: Kodály Philharmonics, Faculty of Music, Liszt Hall

Source: www.kodalykorus.hu