Exhibition in The Cat Cafe

From the 1st of December, Zsuzsa Aradi’s paintings of animals – mainly cats – can be seen in a bunch at the popular Cat Café in Debrecen. The exhibited paintings, which depict animals in different styles and approaches, are among the artist’s favourite works.

The Cat Cafe hosting the exhibition is also home to ten kittens and is somewhere you can enjoy various drinks and cakes in the company of the purring four-legged friends.

At the opening ceremony on the 1st of December, visitors could hear the recitations of poet and performer István B. Orosz and the piano playing of teacher and journalist Péter Nádudvari.

The painting appeared in Zsuzsa Aradi’s life when she saw the white walls of her family’s new home as too barren. She first decorated the rooms with old acrylic paint; then she recreated stairs, doors and smaller pieces of furniture. After a while, she also acquired a few canvases to brighten up the children’s room with two or three more colourful pictures, and from then on, painting became her passion.

Date: 1st of  December 

Location: Macskávézó (Cat Cafe) 1 Cegléd Street

Source: Macskás festményekkel telik meg a debreceni macskás kávézó – Debrecen hírei, debreceni hírek | Debrecen és Hajdú-Bihar megye hírei – Dehir.hu