Exhibition of works by art teachers in Tócóskert

An exhibition of works by art teachers from Debrecen will open soon in Tócóskert. The title is peculiar, but the location is familiar. The exhibition opens on the 9th of February and will run until the end of the month, the 29th of  February.

As Károly Szabó, the art teacher of the Medgyessy High School, tells there is a bit of playfulness and, of course, information in the title of the exhibition opening in the  Medgyessy High School’s  Gallery at Angyalföld Square 7, which looks like this: 24209229. The first two digits are the year, followed by the month and the day. 

The event is important for students and teachers alike. As the head of the institution, József Fekete, recalls, several projects have already been launched in the past in the spirit of ‘Master and Disciple’, and this kind of spirit will be present here too, although this time the exhibition space will be filled with the works of the art teachers.  In the case of the works, both colleagues and students have tried not to stop where the work is born, but to give the visitor more information, which brings them closer to the birth and interpretation of the work.

‘A nice student of ours came forward and agreed to speak at the opening. It’s also a kind of art experiment,’ says József Fekete, adding that art education is implemented in a complex way. They have re-established contact with MODEM and are confident that this will be an exciting continuation for both institutions.

János László, himself an art teacher, thinks it is important for students to be aware of what teachers are teaching them. They do not always see us as creators. They usually meet a teacher who teaches them. It’s also important that we sometimes feel we tend to ‘over-simplify’ the exhibitions, so this one is specifically for the students, and also to show them how many different faces art and artworks can have.

At the joint exhibition of the teachers of the Medgyessy Ferenc Art High and Technical School, titled 24209229, the audience will be able to see the works of Gabriella B. Nagy, Attila Börcsök, Sándor Czigándi Varga, Péter Donka, Zsolt Durucskó, Balázs Hadházi, Tibor Hegedűs, János Hegedűs, Éva Ludman, Attila Kővári, Gábor Országh, Károly Szabó, Attila Varga and József Varga.

The exhibition, opened by Sámuel Puskás, a student of the institution, is open to the public from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.  on weekdays until the 29th of  February.