Exhibition “Outstanding Objects” in MODEM

The exhibition, organised around issues of urban locality, is realised in the cooperation between Modem and the Ferenczy Museum Center in Szentendre.  

At MODEM, two communities from Debrecen participated in the project, and their works will be displayed in two consecutive exhibitions.

The current exhibition was created in cooperation with the University of Debrecen as part of an elective course. During the semester, different institutions’ critiques of art projects were primarily explored and discussed with the students, including how they relate to Debrecen and the city’s role in their identity. Finally, based on important aspects, three pieces of art were selected and, together with the artists, discussed the backstory of the given works and their possible interpretations. 

The central element of the exhibition is a stylised Debrecen map, on which the locations of the objects selected by the students are marked.

Due to the exhibition’s unique approach and focus on urban localities, visitors are guaranteed to have an enjoyable and exciting experience. 

 Entry to the exhibition is free.

Participating students in the project: Csige Cintia / Faitli Zoltán / Gajdos Boglárka / Györgyi Kata / Hartyányi Panna / Kegyes Lilla / Kiss Tamás / Kosina Dávid / Kulcsár Kevin / Papp Violetta / Toronyi Réka / Váncsa Zsófia

Curator: Don Tamás


Date: until 11th of February, 2024

Location: MODEM

Source: MODEM