Exhibition “With Colour and Soul” at the Great Church

László Buka has been retired for some time now, but his creative spirit is undiminished. His next exhibition entitled “With Colour and Soul”  will be opened on the 22nd of June, as part of Night of Museums programmes.

László Buka is a distinctive figure in the artistic and cultural life of Debrecen. He is known as a teacher who graduated in mathematics and drawing, but he is also an active painter, whose paintings are present in the world of organic culture, in the organic culture among others marked by the names of Sándor Makoldi and Gábor Pap. But also as a traditionalist, who keeps the tradition of “regölés” (magical, winter  greeting folk custom) alive, and who therefore received the county Prima award in 2008.

The event will also be special because the exhibition will be opened by the artist’s partner, pastor Zsuzsanna Bukáné Zakar with the collaboration of  Gergő Csorba, who is not only a musician and artist,but also a friend.


Date: 22 June- 6 September,  9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
Location: in the Calvin János Gallery in the right-hand gallery of the Great Church