Full-dome Films in English in Agora

Full-dome films are offered in English to the visitors of the Science Centre. Agora Science Centre has one of the largest portable digital planetariums in Hungary that enables visitors to surf in the starry sky, discover the motion of celestial bodies, and familiarise themselves with constellations. It guarantees a lifelong experience for both children and adults.

Full-dome films available in English are the following:
Europe to the Stars – from 4.00  p.m. every Thursday and Saturday.
The Sun, Our Living Star – from 4.00 p.m. every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

Participation is possible with the Agora entry ticket. The planetarium has a capacity of 40 people. Thus, visitors can participate in these programs with a limited number, in order of arrival.

Further information about the films can be found here.

Location: Great Forest, Botanic Garden, Entrance from Móricz Zsigmond Road,Great Forest, Botanic Garden

Source: Agora