Funny and Humorous Choral Works

 “Everyone Cheer Up” Bonus Concert. Humour and a desire for musical adventure sometimes inspire choral composers as well. Zoltán Kocsis-Holper, the head conductor of the Kodály Choir, picked some results of such moments and put together a really entertaining program.

In the concert there will be no shortage of funny texts, grotesque works and also musical parodies. Caribbean carnival with percussionists, limericks, recitation choir, jazzy love songs, cheerful bard and sparkling folk song arrangements, but also pop hits disguised as renaissance madrigals (Beatles and Spice Girls) are on the colourful palette.


  1. Guillaume: Tchaka
  2. Guillaume: Kanaval
  3. Toch: Geographical Fugue
  4. Seiber: Three Nonsense Songs

Gy. Orbán: Panyigai fresh; Adventurers Beware

  1. Vajda: Bagatelles (details)

Gy. Selmeczi: Three crows

  1. Daróci Bárdos: Bird feeder
  2. Beischer-Matyó: The contest of Flowers
  3. Gyöngyösi: When I think about My Beloved
  4. Tóth: “Wine Song” 
  5. Shearing: Songs and Sonnets (excerpts)

Can’t buy me love – King’s Singers

  1. Howe: Wannabe
  2. Mäntyjärvi: El Hambo
  3. Mäntyjärvi: Pseudo Yoik

Conductor: Zoltán Kocsis-Holper

Ticket price: HUF 2,200

Date: 16 November, 7 p.m.

Location: Pásti Street Synagogue, 4 Pásti Street