Kowalsky and the Vega Concert in Főnix Arena

As a tradition Kowalsky and the Vega (Kowalsky Meg a Vega)  band start each year  at one of the country’s major concert venues. This time, the year 2024 will be opened with two large-scale concerts.

Kowalsky and the Vega is a Hungarian rock-oriented band. In the beginning, they strengthened the Funk-rock genre in Hungary, seasoned with hip-hop-style vocals, and nowadays they play music of a more mixed and popular soundscape. 

To the great delight of the fans, they will hold a tour opening concert in both the eastern and western parts of the country, on the 10th of February, 2024 from 8 p.m. , they will perform in the Főnix Arena in Debrecen, and on February 24 in the Veszprém Arena.

They are preparing a brand new program for the concert season, which also contains many surprises. In addition to the songs from their new album, which was released in October 2023, they will of course also play big hits of theirs. The band is a favorite of the audience  due to their lyrics containing deep thoughts and catchy melodies, and always creates a special atmosphere at their concerts.

Date: 10th of February, 8 p.m. 

Location: Főnix Arena

Source: https://kowalsky-meg-a-vega–debrecen.broadway.hu, https://hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kowalsky_meg_a_Vega