Exhibition “The Image of Colour, the Mystery of Image” opens in MODEM

MODEM’s latest exhibition titled “The Image of Colour, the Mystery of Image” opens on the 9th of February. The exhibition presents a comprehensive selection of monochrome paintings from the Antal–Lusztig collection, which is one of the most important private collections in Hungary. The owner of the collection, which includes hundreds of domestic and international works, dr. Péter Antal started buying monochrome paintings in the mid-2000s, which have since formed an important segment of his collection. In the past decades, we have seen a small or large selection of monochrome works at numerous domestic and foreign exhibitions. Among other things, the importance of these exhibitions is given by the fact that, thanks to this exceptional collector’s commitment, the spirit and heritage of monochrome painting lives on not only in individual works of art, along the lines of consistent creative endeavours, but also emerges from time to time in the public discourse on the occasion of exhibitions selected from the Antal–Lusztig collection.

This time, a selection exhibition from the monochrome segment of the Antal–Lusztig collection, organised into 7+1 separate units, guides the visitor. Through the research of monochrome painters, it guides you through concepts of painting that are thought to be obvious, such as gesture, the space of the image, the border of the image or the layers of the image. However, the works of domestic and international artists arranged in individual sections not only shade the general ideas about these concepts, but also allow us to get closer to the mystery of painting, as a result of which the type of portrait genre that depicts the image of colour could be created after the liberation of the paint material.

Among the exhibitors there are works by international artists such as Marcia Hafif, Joseph Marioni, Jerry Zeniuk, Phil Sims, Günter Umberg, Alan Charlton, Hartwig Kompa, Imi Knoebel, Dirk Rathke, Kuno Gonschior, Jakob Gästeiger, Jason Martin and many others. Also, the Hungarian artists include Zoltán Tölg-Molnár, András Bernát, András Gál, Zsigmond Károlyi and Gabi Varga, Gábor Erdélyi and Dezső Szabó from the students of the former legendary “monochrome painting class”.

Source: modemart.hu