New exhibition in Pásti Street Synagogue

The opening of the exhibition of visual artist László F. Mikó, with a reading, will take place in the Synagogue Gallery on Sunday, the 30th of June, from 5:00 p.m. Welcome speeches will be given by Deputy Mayor István Puskás, President of the Jewish Community of Debrecen Tamás Horovitz, and artist and curator of the Synagogue Gallery Eszter Láng, 

The exhibition will be opened by editor-in-chief of Dehir Miklós Szénási. 

The exhibition can be visited until the 15th of July by appointment at the Orthodox Synagogue of Pásti Street (Debrecen, 4 Pásti Street). Contact: debrecenizsidosag@gmail.com, +36 30 846 1703.


Date: 30 June – 15 July
Location:Pásti Street Synagogue


Source: dehir.hu