Night of Ice Rinks

‘This Saturday on the 20th of January, as always since 2016, the Hungarian Ice Hockey Association (MJSZ) will organise the Ice Rink Night,’ MTI (Hungarian Telegraph Office) wrote. According to the MJSZ, the central location will again be the Városliget Ice Rink, and more than thirty rinks will join the event. The list of locations can be accessed on this page .

According to the newsletter, tens of thousands of people put on skates all over the country at this time. Ice hockey and music programs are also organised in several rural locations, such as in Debrecen (Debrecen Ice Rink – Jégcsarnok), Ajka, Zalaegerszeg, Kaposvár, Békéscsaba or in the Transylvanian location, Csíkszentimre.

At the M4 Sport Athlete of the Year gala, the Ice Rink Night was chosen as the leisure sports event of the year in 2023.

Programs or the Night of Ice Rinks in Debrecen
6.00 – 7.40 p.m.
Ice hockey activities with valuable gifts – goal shooting competition and slalom course, various skill games for beginners to advanced players of all ages. At the end of the program, valuable gift packages will be raffled among the participants.

8:00-10:00 p.m.
Hits On the Ice! Ice disco with DJ. Feri Nagy 
Tickets sold only on the spot entitle to a one-time entry. 

Cashier opening: 5.00 p.m.
Single ticket price: HUF 2,000
Skate rental: HUF 1,200/pair
Sharpening: HUF 1500/pair
Safekeeping: HUF 500

Source. Dehir, Facebook events