Photo Exhibition on the Wonders of Debrecen Opens on the 14th of May

Péter Károlyi is preparing for his first solo exhibition, which will open at DEMKI Csapókerti Community Centre on the 14th of May at 5.00 p.m. Deputy Mayor István Puskás and municipality representative of the Csapókert Edina Szilágyi will give a welcome speech at the event. The exhibition will be opened by photographer Márton Fejes, with the participation of university student Lizett Kunvári.

Péter Károlyi  sees Debrecen as a very good mix of modern and classical styles, creating a unique cityscape and atmosphere.

Among his eternal favourites are the Great Church, the Csokonai Theater, the Small Reformed Church, Gambrinus köz, Lake Békás-tó and the Árpád Square Church. 

The exhibition will be on display at the Süveg Street institution until the 10th of  June. 


Date: 14 May – 10 June
Location: Csapókert Community Center, Süver Street

Source: dehir.hu