Play “Devils”of F. M. Dostoevsky with English subtitles at Csokonai Theatre

Csokonai National Theater is preparing for another performance. The play by one of the greatest writers of world literature, Dostoevsky, “Devils” with English subtitles can be seen at Csokonai Theatre. 

Forthcoming performance days with English subtitles: 26 April – Premiere, 30 April, 2 May, 7 May, 22 May

About the play:
Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky, a renowned Russian writer, referred to his country’s social processes as nihilistic, rejecting traditional traditions. The play, directed by Dejan Projkovski, explores the mystery of the human soul and the role of the ‘five carriage’ in societal change. Projkovski questions whether individuals can become murderous bloodsuckers through misinterpretation of ideas, ultimately revealing the possibility of recapturing the angel in man through a journey through the heart and soul.

The main roles are played by Hunor Pál, Artúr Vranyecz, Máté Gergely Kiss and Klári Varga.

Director: Dejan Projkovski

Location: Csokonai Theatre Main Stage

Source: csokonaiszinhaz.hu, dehir.hu