Production of DuoTrio street theatre at Debrecen Advent

DuoTrio Street Theater’s performances are improvised from stories inspired by the audience with the active participation of the audience. Their interactive show on stilts will be shown several times at Debrecen Advent.

Members of the team: Tímea Telenkó-Oláh (Vojtina Puppet Theater)

Gergely Máté Kiss (Csokonai National Theatre)

Zsolt Györgyfi (Kodály Philharmonic)

Endre Molnár (Hungarian National Circus)

Timi and Pöti are artists on leave from “Kőszínházak Circus”. In the summer, they act out their dream roles on the streets of towns and villages: the warm-hearted strongman and the prima donna on stilts. This summer, they spent in Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Geneva, in the town of Charlie Chaolin, Vevey. Their performance “Bodri, the smiling lap” was selected from 240 applicants for the 21st Festival des Artistes de rue á Veve  street theatre festival, where they were represented among Brazilian, Australian, Chilean, German, Spanish, Italian and English circus and theatre artists for the first time in 21 years Hungary this time.

When: Sunday, November 26, 16:00-16:30

Where: Debrecen Advent