Slag Motorcycle Individual European Championship qualification

Those attending the first domestic slag motorcycle race of the year, the European Championship qualifier on the 1st of  May, can prepare for a truly colourful and race-filled event as representatives from 12 nations will take to the starting grid on the Labour Day in Debrecen.

As this is a European Championship event, the best riders from the participating nations will be in the city, so fans will be able to see a number of the best ones in the race.

There will be huge battles to come, from a field of 16, only the top four qualify for the SGP Challenge in Latvia  will qualify for the SGP Challenge in Latvia, where they will qualify for the 2024 SEC European Championship Series, which will be held in Debrecen on the 8th of  June.

As the stakes are high, spectacular and fierce battles are inevitable, as every point is much needed by the riders who will be racing without brakes or fear.


Date: 1 May, 11.00 a.m.
Location:Perényi Pál Salakmotor Stadion (Debrecen, Gázvezeték u. 35.)